Nicola Consulting
Management, Scientific, and Technical Consultant

Scientific, and Technical Consulting

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Nicola Consulting offers Online and Onsite Consultancy Services:

Consultative Services:

Consultative Services includes services conducted over the Intranet or Internet "virtually" in the following areas, strategic planning, business operations, action planning. evaluations, quantitative and qualitative design procedures, health policy management, fiscal administration, work simplification, operations and strategic improvement, social science research, public policy, action research, legislative review, management analysis, productivity improvement, accountable care models, organizational assessments, and health and healthcare management program audits.


Consultative Services:

Consultative Services includes performing at the client's place of service providing facilitation, decision support services to working groups, agencies engaging in collaboration efforts, quantitative and qualitative research, integrated product, process or self-directed teams, problem solving, resolving disputes, disagreements and divergent views, defining and refining the agenda, offering logistical meeting/conference support when performing technical facilitation and health policy configuration.